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Excel 1984 - propshaft removal

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I don't mean to thread-jack for an Elite, but...  I'm going to threadjack for an Elite.

I was just coming here to post this very question for the same reason. For my '74 Elite, I have to replace a UJ because the zerk broke off, couldn't be removed with torx bit or extraction tool, and when I went to drill out and re-tap (while lying on my back under the car), the tap snapped & is lodged in the hole. So now it has to come out & I'll probably just replace the UJ.

On the Facebook thread, some were saying the propshaft had to come out through the front.  Is that true for the Elite as well? Does the cross member between the diff/suspension mounting point interfere with removal?

Rear suspension complete.


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17 minutes ago, eclat22 said:

It's either diff out or engine and gearbox, the prop will come out either way

Thanks for that, Dan.  Happy to see you're still on the forum - I asked you for tips for a roll cage for the Elite back in 2010.  We're still racing it today, with that same cage!


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