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Dim sidelight repair on Evora 2010

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Thanks - hope it helps someone.


The PCB is pretty simple and I took some measurements while it was out, so if there's demand I could make new PCBs (that weren't £230!). It feels like there's really no need for the fancy aluminium PCB - it draws very little power (200mA at 12v) so there's not a bunch of heat being dissipated. The fancy PCB is probably making the lights *more* likely to fail because of all the expansion/contraction.

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You know what that board needs adding? Some high power infra-red LEDs, "illumination for your dashcam at night". 904nm would probably do. They'd need to be pulse width modulated "to save on current and stop them overheating". Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.


(not serious)

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Resurrecting this thread to confirm it is totally possible to remove the sidelight board without dismantling the headlight as described by rabidh above. I repaired mine a couple of weeks ago.

I had two failed LED's which I replaced with ones from RS, 703-1212. They are a bit brighter so I ended up replacing all 10, then as that sidelight didn't match the other one, replaced all of those as well! It's fiddly but cost a total of £5 to have all the LED's working and a bit brighter too.

To get the old ones off the board I found it was better to cut them just above the solder on each side diagonally down to the board with a sharp knife and then remove what was left with a soldering iron. Trying to un-solder them intact just wasn't working and I was in danger of damaging the board.

Hopefully anyone with failed LED's that is handy with a soldering iron can try this fix, alternatively complete board are now available to buy I believe.

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