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Steering Rack Bush

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Hey Everyone,

So when I went to get 250h safety inspected here in Canada the tech noticed some play on the steering rack. They graciously passed it anyways. I finally got around to pulling the front passenger side wheel (Left hand drive) and getting of proper look. I discovered the bush on the end of the rack had disintegrated into tiny bits, not sure how this happened. Any ideas? Seems a few others have had this happen as well.

SJ has the bush part SJ978. 

Unfortunately to get the bush on requires drilling out a metal slug pounded into the side of the inner tie rod which is not easily done in situ. So I decided to cut the bush down one side and see if I could get it on that way. I cut it through the middle of one of the position bumps, hopefully that keeps it in place. I'll report back after I've put some miles on it to let everyone know how its holding up.

Video of missing bush



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For my S1, I purchased a steering rack rebuild kit from Lotus Marques in Australia. I did not love the rivets they included for locking down the end caps so I used split pins. 

The kit includes a nice brass bushing and a new tapered bearing. I found the inside of the bushing was a little bit snug on the shaft so I sanded it just a little bit to open it up.


Good luck!

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Jim McLeskey Richmond, VA USA

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I did see that kit and contemplated it. Did it come with instructions? I may yet get it as my repair was definitely not the proper way to do it but I didn't want to have the car off the road any longer. 

Can you tell me, did you lubricate the rack with oil or grease? 


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The kit does come with instructions. They were good but not perfect. You definitely want to read everything carefully and think ahead. Steve at Lotus Marques was also very responsive. 

The bushing and the bearings are very high quality. I had to make some shims to preload it  (per the instructions)  

I used a mix of oil and grease. I read that suggestion somewhere (probably on here unless it was in the instructions). 

Jim McLeskey Richmond, VA USA

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