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What's fallen off my engine?

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Based on the bracket, it looks like a condenser (A132E6376S). #33. There should be one per bank.




Here's a picture of mine on bank 2. Looks like the bolt probably came loose and that's why yours is flapping around. 



From what I found, they're noise filtering capacitors (250V, 2.2 uF) to help reduce ignition noise and/or alternator whine that is sometimes picked up by the radio/headunit. Also mentioned in the wiring diagrams as front and rear noise filters:


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Thanks. I'd never have guessed it was an interference suppression capacitor.

I don't think that I've got much chance of re-attaching it where it is supposed go onto the front camshaft cover, as the supercharger is in the way: I can only just get a finger to feel the bolt hole, let alone get any tools into the gap.

Luckily there's a nearby wiring-loom bracket bolted to the supercharger body, so I think that I'll have to re-attach the capacitor there instead. I've measured the electrical resistance between the supercharger body and the camshaft cover and it's less than 1 ohm, so I'm thinking it should still work alright.


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