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Original Lotus A0 technical drawings

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Thought I’d post what I came across last week.  On purchasing a V8 engine the seller kindly added that he had some technical drawings that he received from Brian Angus at Lotus.     the engine

If you ever do get them scanned - I’d be happy to buy a set. I think that they would look fabulous as garage art 👍

I’m not sure how good they would scan with the folds in them but I’ll make some enquiry’s 👍🏻

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I have an old A3 scanner and have scanned drawings larger than a0 and stitched them together into one drawing. It is also quite easy (but can be time consuming) to edit out any fold marks / imperfections. I was about to throw out the scanner and laptop as it has just sat in the garage for years since I last used it.

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You don't scan them, you lay them out flat even perhaps iron them and then take a hi res picture from above. You can then print from that image. 

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Any decent printing outfit will have a 1.2m (48") wide scanner that will easily accept folded plans and such and print as many copies, either colour or b&w as you'd like. And usually quite reasonable like $5 a page for Arch D (24"x36") size.

Oh and yeah - Im in as well ! Can't wait - definitely GARAGE ART.

I think the best way to go would be to have them scanned and send the files along for a set price via email or ftp site and we can have them printed at a location close to each.

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