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S2 Dampers

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Looks like my car has new front dampers - non-adjustable Spax but original rears ( can see the make but they are red) . Should I get rear Spax to match if possible or am I better to get some other make and replace all 4 off - not bothered about adjustment but would like the ride etc to remain "original " 



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I've had Spax all round from SJ fitted for years. The rears are adjustable. Get them set up correctly and they work fine. Nice to be able to adjust damper setting to suit driving style. Only had originals on before so can't comment on other makes.


Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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For original ride quality it may be a bit tricky to source dampers for an early car. Not sure but I believe Lotus did not get around to developing a Bilstein based update which I believe would have best retained ride compliance  for the cars. I managed to gather up Koni's for mine and expect these to offer just a modestly more firm ride whilst sharpening turn in response, all to my taste. The OEM Armstrong were very compliant in compression, or jounce, so would account for much of the original Esprit's ride comfort.


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My "JPS" #010 had Spax on when I bought it but had a tendency to bottom out at the front when pushed hard. I found a set of new old stock original blue Armstrongs for it and the ride and handling were transformed. Keep searching and you may get lucky. Parts numbers are: Front 63-3305 Rear S64-8016 Here's an interchange list I put together as I sorted my car. Interchange Parts S2 Esprit Monroe also did some shocks that fit.

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