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"parking" scam in Lancashire

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I dont suppose many of you will be visiting us oop here in darkest Lancashire but if you do please be aware of a 'parking/stopping' scam in a little village called Pilling. Exact address 390 Park Lane, Preesall, Poulton Le Fylde FY6 0LU.

Its a place called Sloanes Self Storage. If you 'park' or even stop you are automatically hit with a £100.00 Parking Charge.

We were following our sat nav which took us off the main road. We saw straight away that we had gone wrong, so because the road was quite busy and narrow we pulled into this place. 25 SECONDS later we turned around and got back on the road not thinking anymore about it. 

A couple of weeks later we were sent a Parking Charge Notice from a company called Parking Awareness Services. (apparently the mother owns the Storage business, the son owns Parking Awareness and the daughter owns the fine collection company!) Nothing like keeping it in the family!

After appealing against the fine which of course didn't do any good whatsoever, we were put in contact with a Facebook page purely set up to help people in our situation. There are hundreds of people in the same boat as us. 

Luckily we were given advice  and help by the group to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service.

We got word yesterday that our appeal has been allowed, which is good for us. However no help to all the OAP's et al who have had threatening letters, threats of Bailiffs and threats of court proceeding, couldn't stand the stress and worry so just paid up.

As far as Im concerned this is just a down and out money making scheme which should be stopped. (they even fined someone who wanted to use the storage facility!!)

I have complained to my local MP but I don't hold out much hope. However, we'll see.

We (the facebook group) are considering suing Parking Awareness for data breach because as far as we know he didn't get planning permission to erect an ANPR camera. Since the photos below were published, he has painted  double yellow lines at the entrance to the storage depot. Don't think he got planning permission for that either!

The 4 photos show my partner's Astra Twintop (me driving). As you can see from the time (top left) 19 seconds was all the time we were there. So, being generous, give another, say 3 seconds to pull in and 3 seconds to pull out, so 25 seconds in total.





parking aware photos.jpg

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With these kind of parking charges, you have no contract with the company so no need to pay. Ignore them, they'll go away eventually.  Other techniques are available... https://www.moneysavi

Thanks Bibs, Although our appeal was successful others have not been, so I will pass your link to our facebook group in the hope it can help others. Cheers.

I’m one of the few people who support private parking enforcement agencies, but even I think that one’s taking the pi$$. We have 5 clear roadside parking agency signs on our property, directly ad

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Yes - Just ignore them. We even had a company chasing CJ's father for parking his car at Sainsbury's in Canterbury - the fact that he was dead didn't even deter them - somehow they got our address and chased us, it took them over 6 months of receiving threatening letters before they gave up.

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Ignoring them can be a dangerous tactic. If you clearly enter a restricted parking area then once you've had a chance to read the terms and conditions then I think they can say you did enter a contract with them. Looks to be rather different for the one where it appears at first glance to be part of the highway.

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As you approach the entrance, you cannot see any signs until you are actually in the entrance area because it is set back from the road. The photo below shows the signs (ringed in yellow)but you cannot see them until the damage is done!


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I’m one of the few people who support private parking enforcement agencies, but even I think that one’s taking the pi$$.

We have 5 clear roadside parking agency signs on our property, directly adjacent to where authorised cars can park You cannot miss them. There’s no other signage to contend with like the fence in your photo.

If you park on our land without a permit, then you are fully aware of the risk involved. Of course we wouldn’t be petty about a minute or two, but if it’s hours, you’ll most likely be getting a ticket with a photo from the agency. Ignore it and they’ll take you to court and the agency always wins.

Sadly we had to take this course of action, since random people were using our private road as a public car park and it even became a popular location for the local drug dealers. We haven’t stopped their activities, but at least we have moved them on elsewhere.

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To my knowledge Parking Awareness has not taken anyone in our group to court. As @LotusLeftLotusRightsays he's just taking the pi$$. He knows he wouldn't win. Quite a few in the group have offered to go to court. Usually he offers to 'reduce; the fine to £60.00 presumably as a gesture of goodwill!

Just been on the facebook page and someone else has just got a 'fine' for staying 8 seconds! You couldn't make it up.

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27 minutes ago, Bibs said:

They wouldn't tell me the owner of a car that hit my wife's car and drove off even though we explained everything and gave them the make and number plate if the car. They quoted some legal jargon

hindsight: the science that is never wrong

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Normally your insurer don't need that, as they have an agreement with other insurers, so don't need to go to DVLA , as  understand it they just go straight to the last known insurer of the vehicle. I guess that means a claim is logged on your wife's insurance file.

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3 hours ago, williamtherebel said:

I presume it's throught the ANPR camera he has installed. That's why we are thinking of suing him for data breach seeing as he doesn't appear to have planning permission

You do realise such masts can catch fire 🤭

Only here once

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What a thing to say!! :devil:. It has already been targeted once and replaced.

It had occurred to me to put the James Bond number plate back onto my Esprit S1 (the PO had one made and that's what it came with when I purchased it) and then park up. He would do well to fine the owner/driver then!:rant:


However, with the scarcity of S1's around it wouldn't need rocket science to track me down I suppose.

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