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Can you determine the donor car / spec of Dellorto carbs by their ID tags? - Engine & Ancilliaries/Gearbox - The Lotus Forums #ForTheOwners Jump to content

Can you determine the donor car / spec of Dellorto carbs by their ID tags?


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All US Elites came with Stromberg carburetors. My 1974, however, has Dellortos.  From where they came, I have no idea.  The stamp in the casting says "DHLA45" with no letter after it. (Were all non-turbo Lotus Dellortos "DLHA45E"?).  The ID tags are 5381 & 5382 (A & P).

I'm working on a bit of a sputter at low revs & it would help if I knew the starting point of the carbs. I know there were several different Lotus specs, and that those specs were different from those of other manufactures. I believe the ID tag on the float chamber says for which car/engine it was originally setup.

With that - is it possible to tell if my Dellortos are a Lotus spec?  If so, which spec?  

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Thanks Dan - that does help to some degree.   I know, now, that these aren't Lotus carbs. 

From your image, I was able to find a pdf of the book you've got:

... but, unfortunately, it doesn't list 5381 or 5382, so original source, and therefore original calibration is unknown. 

I suppose that means I'm left to pulling it apart to see what's in it. I sense another project in the making.  :) 

From my research, it appears that the Lotus "Spec 5" setup is the best starting point. Not an inexpensive target if I end up having to replace everything!

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For the record, I just went back to the car to double-check the ID tags and noticed that there is actually a faint "D" stamped next to the "DHLA45" casting, so these are DHLA45D's.  Maybe they are Lotus after all?  research continues...

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HA! Found it.

In the Dellorto Carburetor section of the Esprit Workshop manual, they show the tag numbers (oddly, in the Elite Workshop manual, they don't):


So my carbs are from a high-compression (?) Excel, which is a "Spec 10".  

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