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Classic Stereo head unit options


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I'm thinking about updating my existing head unit (I dont have a separate amp).   I'm thinking about something about something that looks '1980s'  but has modern connectivity eg Bluetooth, USB and Aux input.    Has anyone got any recomendations that wont break the bank..?    

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13 minutes ago, Gis said:

Harry Metcalfe has one of those new “old” style blaupunkt stereos in his esprit. He talked about it in his cortina trip video iirc. 


A great bit of kit, but also a great sum of money ahaha!

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That Bluapunkt looks fantastic!  I might even have bought that if I hadn't got the Pioneer DEH80PRS; which is lovely and doesn't jar in the cabin, but it just doesn't have the heft and quality feel of those 80s and 90s units.  I honestly would pay more to get rid of shiny plastic.

I kept the Alpine tape deck which came out of my car when I got it in 2012; quite collectible now it seems.

ICE is important to me.

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Share on other sites there are quite a lot of “vintage” options out there but they tend to carry a certain price tag. When is swopped to the Panasonic roof stereo on my car I removed my fairly new 

I still have that one but obviously no intention to go back to it. The pioneer is modern but kind of fits the esprit in my view. @910EspritYou can have it if you want. Let me know.

Ad initium

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Well here's what it looks like in my 112k unrestored interior...

The Good:

  • Sound quality is as good as the Pioneer unit it replaces
  • Lots of input sources
  • Plays watchable videos (obviously a novelty item only...)
  • Paired easily with Bluetooth and has phone connectivity
  • The price
  • The actual quality of the facia is pretty good

The Bad:

  • The 'knob' is a bit flimsy, I assume it has a plastic/nylon shaft
  • The software navigation is poor
  • Dimming the unit can be done, but not automatic or single button operation
  • Some key actions need to be done via tiny 'buttons' on touch screen - There is no way you could do these on the move without crashing the car

Overall, for the price, its very good, but could have been much better with a bit more investment.   I'll be keeping it for the time being, but would not particularly recommend 6/10



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