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1982 S3 Turbo Restoration

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2 hours ago, Bazza 907 said:

it was A65 JEX

Yup, that was Trevor's Esprit I'm sure and also @LOTUSMAN33 owned it for a while and it's now with @Lex Templar in Australia. 

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Evora NA

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13 hours ago, steve clack said:

Funny seeing a car that has the next number plate to yours...


I was so close to buying this car in 2008 when it was stored in Kirkudbright by the long term owner (previously a pilot and Lotus before that as I understand), and at that point being sold by his son. Decided against it in the end as I wasn’t keen on the stone beige interior. Looks to have sold recently at auction 


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Yes the JEX plates were Norfolk cars and as Lex said it was ex-Lotus company car and spent some time in engineering as their development car, the engineering team described it as one of the most balanced cars they had at the time getting lots of attention.

SWLC looked after it and said it was a good car.


Dave :) 


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5 hours ago, Lex Templar said:

Indeed @Bibsmy old car which is now sold but lives in Sydney Australia. 
A65 JEX was a Lotus company car.

Trevor had 1981 dry sump 1035 white/brown now owned by @GJones

Unless he had A65 JEX too at some stage, there were 11 owners before me, Lotus being the first.






Been told from Lotus archives that mine, A52 JEX was an ex company Lotus car as well. Lotus then sold there Company cars to The Norfolk Motor Group, Norwich (which is still printed on my original number plate).

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16 hours ago, steve clack said:

If anyone needs tyres that are the right size and a great price. I found ones for my car...all in including delivery £187.00. 

Can we have details please? I will need tyres this year.

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22 minutes ago, Kevin Wheeler said:

Can we have details please? I will need tyres this year.

235/60R/15 Saferich FRC26 98V £50.13 each

195/60R/15 Saferich FRC16 88H £30.70 each

Delivery £26.00

I paid for two fronts, two rears including delivery £187.45

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  • 2 weeks later...

I decided to sell this car and bought another S1...


I didn't like the look of all that plumbing in the Turbo!!

Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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Well done you...You are barking (but you already know that).

Just make sure that you are doing all this work for yourself and know body else. It’s going to be expensive and will take time but don’t loose the fact that this is YOUR car and will be yours to enjoy.

The best of luck.


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