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Bought another car . . .

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Let it know now you want to change gear and it should be done by the time you get in and start up! :lol:

Only teasing, well done! :thumbup:

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10 minutes ago, pete said:

Was that on the auction site

No, got it from a dealer.  Wanted to be sure it was a good one, it has full main dealer service history.  Last owner for 8 years and he traded it for another Ferrari.

There have been quite a few shabby looking Ferrari's going through auctions recently with rust and no history.


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9 hours ago, USAndretti42 said:

Nice car, Mark.  It'll be interesting to hear how it compares to an Esprit.

Yes the Esprit was lovely to drive.  I drove a 348 many years ago and that was absolutely dreadful, I'm hoping this will be better.

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I will be very interested to hear your comments on this. I drove a Ferrari SuperFast recently - for an extended period over a few weeks. Not my thing at all, I have no idea where it would be fun. Perhaps an autobahn but the suspension was so firm, I think even that would be uninspiring after a while. B roads were impossible - too wide, too heavy, too firm, too fast.

Evora was bliss after that. 


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On 26/11/2020 at 10:00, jonwat said:

Well done, that's the prettiest Fezza since the 308. :thumbup:

Yes, I agree.  I was thinking of a 308, a mate was selling his 1980 GTS.  But it was a LHD California car with federal suspension, so it looking like it was on stilts. And would quickly get bored of all the Magnum comments, in the same vein as Lotus of trouble . . . .

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The 360 are a terrific value at the moment, still with plenty of Fezza V8 pizzaz. The bulkhead panel is a tremendous upgrade on serviceability from the 328/355. Funny how when the paddles came out, everybody wanted them. Now that everyone's changed to them, manual cars of 360 and 430 get a premium on the market and when P****** puts one in a car it's a big deal! Some fun miles ahead... :D

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