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upgrading my front brakes

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I have a '90 SE

i want to upgrade my front brake line

At PNM they sell 4 pot Hi spec callipers with 285 drilled and slotted discs

is this good enough or

better take the 323 dics with 4 or 6 pot callipers


rens :P

researche is something i do when i don't know what the hell i'm doing

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I have the 4 Pots with the large rotors and I believe the only technical advantage over my stock TMC brakes was the slightly larger rotors. If that's true and you go for the 4's you should get the biggest rotors they offer.

Hav you called PNM to see what they say?



Luke Colorado, Super Spy.   -  Lotus Owner No Longer

1987 Zender Widebody 560SEC | 1994 Lotus Esprit S4 | 2013 Honda Fit EV (#269)

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I have the standard 2 pot callipers with the standard 265 rotors now (red race pads)

I think the 4 pot hi specs with 285 will be a huge difference ?????


is it better to spend a little more for 323 inch and 4 or 6 pot

will i be dissappointed after 1 yaer and still buy the bigger set

who has done this and can advise me !

researche is something i do when i don't know what the hell i'm doing

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Think if you go for the bigger kit, you'll need to upgrade the rears with new discs and caliper (PNM do a Brembo kit), otherwise you'll upset the brake balance too much. You can go for the smaller 4pot kit and keep the original rear bendix set-up. All depends on how much you want to pay!


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I've got the 6 pot kit on mine and the brembo rears. (see my page on LEW) Think stopping power is superb!! I don't think there is much difference in size if you go down the Monster 6 or monster 4 kits. The 4's are a bit cheaper. The standard 4's are also quite good too as Kato etc say you don't have to mod your rears with those.

I haven't used my car in anger on the track yet but I have loads of confidence on the road. Especially in the dry. I've occasionly had moments in the modern day cars after driving the esprit when I forget the brakes aren't up to that standard.

The 6 pot kit was developed for PNM to eventually use on there race car and when pete took mine out for a thrash (you could feel the heat from the brakes) he had a smile on his face.


Alan Croft

2000 V8 GT

87 Turbo Esprit HC

2000 Elise Sport 160

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I isntalled a set of 6-piston calipers on my previous S4 and thought, after the fact, it was overkill. They worked good, but the 4-pistons would have been more then adequate. I'd look into a good set of 4-pistion calipers to replac the TMC front brakes and the Bendix rear brakes.

Contact John Welch at WC Engineering ( about his AP brakes. You can view them at:

Good luck and happy Lotusing!

Mark Pfeffer

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