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My V6s has a 2bular valved exhaust.

It's  pretty loud! Am I'm sure it would fail noise tests at a lot of tracks.

I'm looking at options..


1) I have the original back box. It is easy enough to swap over? I'd only do a couple of days a year. Is the standard box OK for the like of Goodwood / Silverstone / Snetterton / Brands?

2) Get the 2bular silencers. Again, are these OK to fit at a track? What levels would they reduce to?


Any advice would be appreciated, thanks  



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Hi Mark, could be wrong but I'm pretty sure those add-on cans are intended for use with the non-valved system. Little chance of passing any noise test with the valved 2bular but the standard V6S exhaust is fine.

If you decide you don't want the 2bular I'd be happy to buy it off you :)

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OEM exhaust should not give you any issues in the above mentioned circuits, definitely no issues in the last 3.

Changing the back box yourself depends on how handy you are with the spanner and whether you have the tools to do it. I'm planning to do mine myself, it's an easy task.

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