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Water Hose for '92 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE and starter motor grinds sometimes.


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I found some leakage of the coolant on one of the rubber water hose.  So, I am thinking of replacing all the hoses in my '92 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE.  I was wondering if anyone has used the package from Ebay.|Make%3ALotus&hash=item342ededdc8:g:M6YAAOSw7QJfPhWt

Are they OK?  and the price is just about right for me. 

 My starter motor grinds sometimes.  What should I do about it? 

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I would be wary of buying kits/silicone hoses from unknown eBay vendors...I know of two owners who suffered issues where these hoses allowed coolant to permeate through them!

Good quality hose has an inner liner.  Here is an explanation from another forum:


Silicone hoses are permeable, and can 'sweat' coolant.   Proper automotive silicone hoses have an internal liner layer that is supposed to prevent leaking through the wall.   Buy a name brand from a known quality source, and that shouldn't be a problem... the hose will have the liner.   Buy cheap silicone hosed from some anonymous online seller, and the silicone hoses might not have the liner.   If you bought cheap, then later observe the hoses sweating coolant, there's nothing you can do about it other than replace the hoses with 'proper' ones.





In the USA, JAE Parts sells good quality stuff. I didn't see any listings for silicone hoses at SJ.

But even should buy different clamps (jubilee clips):


Silicone hoses tend to 'creep', which is a plastics industry term for deflecting/ moving to relieve the stress of an applied load. Tighten a hose clamp nice and snug, then check it later and it will be loose. The clamp is the same, the silicone hosed moved (got smaller) to relieve the load. So you may find that you're always re-tightening hose clamps on silicone hoses in order to chase re-occurring leaks.

As a better solution, there's a special heat-shrink sleeve 'hose clamp'. It's available in a range of inside diameters, and a couple of inches long. Pick one that's a slip fit onto the hose, install the hose onto the spigot, slide the sleeve into place over the spigot (pump, radiator, whatever the hose is attached to) and hit it with a blast from a heat gun (hair dryer on steroids). The sleeve will shrink onto the hose and provide just the right amount of clamping force spread over a larger area (like heat shrink tube on an electric wire splice). Then with each engine heat cycle, the sleeve expands and re-shrinks as necessary to maintain the correct clamp pressure on the silicone hose... even if the hose creeps. You never have to go back and re-tighten clamps.


 Our JAE hoses have held up well for ten years.  BUT, I didn't know about the hose clamps, and I DO have to re-tighten our hoses every year.



Regards the starter: replace it.  JAE sells an improved version, as well.

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Atwell Haines

'88 Esprit

Succasunna, NJ USA

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