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Hello everyone with a need for great detail - I’m trying to ascertain if there’s anyone out in Esprit Essex Land who would be interested in purchasing a set of new, correct spec aluminium centres made exclusively for the Compomotives fitted to the early dry sump cars. 

I have the opportunity to have some made in the UK using an original as a template in spun aluminium. 

My hope is to garner enough interest so that full sets can be made available cost effectively to people on The Forum who want to replace missing items or have a spare set. 

Please drop me a message or reply if you think there would be any interest here.

Many thanks


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wanne know something more about prices,

and also 4 and 5 stud wheels??

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Hi Simon

I was just discussing with @Lex Templartoday doing this very thing allowing owners to run a spare set keeping the rare originals safe.

I am definitely interested in a set 👍🏻

Dave :) 

Do or do not, there is no try! 


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Thanks Paul 

Can you recall how much this cost when you did it?

im given to understand that I’d have to agree to a run of a number of sets and obviously they need to be as spot on the original as possible. 

My plan is to get them made for the early four stud cars as they’re quite a big centre and perhaps naively, I’m hoping to get them done for a price that’s a no brainier for people like us

Thanks again guys - I’m hopeful that if the support is there we can do this


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I know Jo Chan had some done for the car that became mine but they’re much smaller than the dry sump car centres from what I can see and slightly sharper angles. Perhaps Fabian will chip in with his experience


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I thought they were as they fit my Compomotives and are lovely. However, the correct Essex caps seem substantially bigger all over. 

The ones you mention on eBay just fall straight through the centre hole. 

Have an original centre to be copied so as long as they can come up with the correct tooling it looks feasible. 

Sadly it’s the tooling that makes it costly. If I could just buy one set for forty or even sixty quid I’d jump at it

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