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I needed to install new chrome strip under the capping rail. This meant I had to drill out the rivets and pries up the capping rail from it's gluey home.

To do this I needed to take out the rear quarter glass as it is in the way. If anyone is planning on doing this it is quite a mission. The glass was put in with a electrically set glue sausage. Some had suggested that applying 6v to the wires would remelt the glue but it had gone completely solid.

I found the best way was to attack the join between the glass and car using a multi-tool. These tools have a vibrating cutting head. The nice thing about these tools is they do not work so well on soft objects, like hands etc, but that does pose a challenge for removing the glass. I would recommend if you are doing this to use a corded one, not a cordless. The cordless ones have a battery on the end that makes the tool longer and harder to fit into tight spaces. I had cuts all over my upper arm from the ridiculous positions I had to get in to, to attack the join.

The key is to apply only light pressure, as I mentioned the softer the material, the less cutting you get, by applying only light pressure I found I could cut through most areas with only extreme pain rather than the excruciating kind.  I reshaped a few of the heads to get into all the areas. I bought several windscreen cutting kits and even made a hotwire tool to try and speed this up, none worked out though.

The end result was good, but the tool did manage to score the glass in a few places.  I found a windscreen repair kit at a local car supplier and this has worked great for filling the scrapes. The kit is a UV cured epoxy and comes with some flexible clear sheets that will press against the epoxy and glass to help flatten the bond. Afterwards a razor blade is used to scrape anything level that remains. You can see the result is pretty good.

As the glass was out, I could lay it flat and get a really good result. I'd recommend it.





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