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Forged 19" Rear wheels - tyre choices

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I've been looking at Evoras recently (2009-12 mostly) and noticed on a few photos (and also in the flesh) that the 255/35 R19 tyres on the forged rear alloys look a bit 'stretched' - like the tyres aren't wide enough basically.    They don't seem to fill the arches very well, and I think that's more down to the tyre width, rather than the fact it's the 19" wheel rather than the 20".    This isn't the case with the fronts.

Has anyone else thought this, and has anyone fitted wider tyres on the forged wheels, and if so, any issues?    Or is it perhaps just down to certain tyres running 'narrower' than others, this isn't uncommon - the ones I've seen in the flesh had Pirelli's on.

According to, fitting 265/35/19 instead of 255/35/19 gives you a diameter and circumference that's only 1.2% larger, with a speedo error of only 0.9mph at 80mph.  No idea what tyres are available in that size though.....

These are the wheels I'm talking about...

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The Michelin PS4S in 255/35/19 look ever so slightly stretched, too. Nothing major, but occasionally noticeable.

Not going to mess with the Lotus set-up, if I can help it, except to say the Michelins are much, much better than the Pirellis ever were.

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