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Valve stem seal


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21 hours ago, naasaa said:

I actually received the seals from Garry when I made my 1982 TE. 
Thats why I raised the question; to go with or without seals. 

What I mend is that last time I rebuild a 910 I did receive and used seals. But this time Garry didnt supply them with the new guides.
I havent succeeded in reaching Garry. But I got on hold with Pete from PNM, and he does not use seals when he rebuild engines.

Many engines were made in the past without seals. I just dont want that puf of blue smoke, and dont want to fowl the spark plug.

@Chillidoggyhave you run your engine yet without seals?

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I certainly have, Lars.

It's run for 1,500 miles now, no smoke on the overrun, or any smoke at all, no fouled plugs, zero oil consumption. Garry's new guides are made from some special material, 'Titan', was it? I cannot remember. anyway, go ahead and fit them.

Margate Exotics.

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I have fitted them, and reamed to spec. 
I beleive that they content some copper. They are kind of redish in color, and a bit crisp.  
I think they are a generic high spec valve guide, with a reces for a valve stem seal. 
They are equal to the ones fitted in my 1982, but I have fitted seals. 
I must add that I with this engine encountered a sticking valve 4 or 5 times just efter some bust runs with boost. Leaving the engine running on 3 cylinders. Scary, but no harm. 
So I do consider to continue without seals and benefit better lubrication of the valve.  

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