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Replacing Front suspension unit query

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I have had to replace the lower NSF  wishbone due to a worn ball joint and it has turned into a pig of a job and am after advice from  anyone who has gone through this before. 

I need to reinstall the shock and spring unit which I removed from the car as i have a set of standard new shocks sitting under the bench. I transferred the old spring on to the new shock and fitted the top mount with the aid of spring compressors. The service notes state that you can fit the entire unit ( spring, shock and top mount) as a complete unit back on to the car but I have tried and failed! I cant see how it can be orientated to get it back in situ - is it actually possible - has anybody done it? If it's not possible I'll have to bolt the top mount to the chassis, attach the bottom shock mount to the wishbone and then use a jack to compress the spring so I can insert the top shock mount bolt.

I will then be able to jack the front of the car on the stuck ball joint which will hopefully load it enough for be to be able to persuade it to part from the upright.

Any help greatly appreciated as this has been dragging on for 3 weeks now!!

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Thanks Kieran for that. So am I correct that when you come to replace the damper etc you have to first attach the top mount to the chassis, then thread the shock and spring into position and secure the bottom mount bolt. Then use a jack to push the shock and damper upwards into the top mount and then put the top mount bolt in?

The service notes say that it can be done as a complete unit with the top mount, though I cant see how and have tried many times from all different angles!


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From memory you need to put the shock roughly into position before bolting on the bracket.

You need the space where the bracket goes to get the shock in through the wishbones.

Just reverse the removal procedure on my post exactly and it should make sense.

Agree about the service notes. I couldn’t see how it could work without separating the bracket cos of all the aircon pipes, etc.

Lots of swearing and skinned knuckles before I figured it out.

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