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How to remove gear stick shroud on NA Evora?

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I need to adjust the cross gate moment on the gear shifter mechanism as its currently very hard to find 1st and 2nd gear.  Currently there is too much movement so if move the stick to the left till the stop, I go past the gate for 1st and 2nd gears.  If bring the stick back in a tad so its not hard on the stop, the stick slides into 1st and 2nd no problems.  So I think I just need to adjust the mechanism a little bit to get this correct.

Whats the easiest way to access the gear shifter mechanism?  Does the leather shroud just clip off with some trim tools? Or do I have disassemble the whole centre console?

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How would I know weather adjustment is needed on the gearbox side or gear shifter side? 

I’m reasonably certain the cross gate movement needs adjusting. As I said there is far too much movement allowed on the gear stick when moved to the left so that you go past the gates for 1st and 2nd. 

I’ve read online here about adjustment available on the gear shifter mech to adjust this so I assumed it would be that, that needs adjusting. 

Also I should note my car is an S1 car but I installed the new 4xx gear shifter mechanism and cables in my car recently so the issues are most likely due to that.  If it’s a simple fix that I can do I’d like to give it a go. 

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Ah, not a standard set up. If you have only found the problem after the xx installation it is likely related to that. However it is a relatively simple adjustment to make at the gearbox end that allows for take up of any cable stretching that has occurred over time. Grab a copy of the instructions from the Lotus site - a small charge for as much as you want to download is made.  I'd be looking to make any adjustment there first even if it isn't enough as it turns out.



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Thanks I got a copy of the manual and had a read. 

The adjustment needed is to the cross gate cable and you can do the adjustment at the shifter or the gear box end. 

If I have understood correctly I take the ball socket of the gearbox wind the socket in or out one turn and try again. 

I think that might be better than the shifter end as I think I can access the cable ends as is in the engine bay. I have an after market induction kit so there of a bit more space in the engine bay compared to standard. 

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Sorry for delay, I only recently found time to take a look at the car.  The job was super easy in the end.

The silver trim for the HVAC controls and gear leaver shroud all come off in one go.  It's just held in with trim clips so just some gentle leveraging with trim tools and the panel popped off and I could access the shift changing mech.  The opening was a bit cramped but I could access everything OK.  No need to take the whole centre console apart.

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