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Thinking of moving to an Evora

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Seems most comments have been covered here. I’m also in love with my NA, perfect amount of power to be able to have fun on the street IMO. 

We have carried our daughter around in it (and done plenty of road trips) since she was forward facing. She absolutely LOVES it, although the purring engine behind her often puts her to sleep pretty quickly. There is not heaps of space, but it’s easily doable if your wife isn’t too tall. Just make sure you test fit a couple of seats to pick the best fit.

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I've had my 2011 S since it was 6 months old, having had a supercharged Elise and an Elan before that.  I argued it was a suitable family car when my second daughter arrived.  It's served as dad taxi

I've had an NA and have a Sport 410. With trepidation I have to disagree with @scotty435that the NA is underpowered. Despite having an extra 135bhp or so in the 410 I do miss the involvement of the NA

It’s all down to luck on some older cars. Mileage and price balance is key. Folks do seem to forget these cars are 10 plus years old now - so stuff will need replacement and fettling. It’s about

9 hours ago, cloud said:

Ah okay I'm no hater at all. I can't think of a single car other than the Evora that has 4 seats and is mid engined. I'd like to see Lotus invest some serious cash into the Evora but I believe it will be soon dropped. :(

I have two mid-engined 2+2s. The Ferrari has more room in the back: you could transport four adults if necessary. Not really possible in the Evora without a lot of complaining and contortionism.



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The Evora looks tiny next to the Ferrari @LotusLeftLotusRight

Alcohol. Sex. Tobacco. Drugs. Chocolate.  Meh! NOTHING in this world is as addictive as an Evora +0. It's not for babies!    

The first guy to ride a bull for fun, was a true hero. The second man to follow him was truly nuts!   

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18 hours ago, Barrykearley said:

I however own an esprit. Reliability isn’t an issue

Back in 1981 I owned an elite 501 and reliability was not good, broke down on way back from dealer, again 2 days later, and then on boxing day clutch cable, one day had the gear lever come out in my hand, recovered twice by RAC for brake issues, repaired chassis, and eventually the gearbox failed - sold the car then. Otherwise a great car to own....

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7 minutes ago, Barrykearley said:

As stated then - faultless reliability 🤗

After the elite 501 left, the 4 excels and elite s2 and 2 eclat s2 were much better, from memory the RAC (home start) came to my house for an excel starter motor failure, and  had my newest excel recovered only once when the PAS pipe blew apart.. So they never actually left me stranded, but one day I remember coming back from a business meeting and the temp gauge was rising, stopped had a look , put the heater on, drove on, the fuel gauge had also gone up - actual fault was a voltage regulator - so quite relieved. Although one of the eclat s2 needed a new piston.  The other eclat s2 had an annoying problem with the bolt connecting the battery earth strap thru to the chassis, had to fix that every year or so.

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