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Short Ratio


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Here’s a thing. Once someone’s spanked £2k doing something to their car - it’s highly unlikely they will admit it’s pointless.

changing an Evora to CR - is though. Unless you are competing properly - it’s utterly pointless.

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In my humble opinion total waste of £2,000.  If you are having to change your clutch anyway then the extra cost of this would be fine. But to open the gearbox for this. Sheer madness.

I believe you'd get better performance gains from 2bular headers and removal of the 2 pre-cats for around the same price. Added benefit of taking a lot of heat away from the engine block too.

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In my first Exige Sport 350 I pondered between the "Close Ratio" and the "EX460- Kit" - given that I had bad experience with modifications at the exhaust line with a Porsche I previously owned I decided for the "Close ratio" option.

Downside: apart from the expense there is noticiable increased gearbox noise

Benefit: sunstantially better torque and speedup, car feels much stronger and agile, not only in 5. und 6. gear.

BTW: the gear range from my perspective is not perfect for track use (3. gear - 146km (154),  4. gear - 187km (202)

Here you can see the (limited) advantage compared to an equally powered Exige without "Close ratio" gearbox


In my new Lotus Exige Sport 350 I decided for the EX460 Kit and against the Close ratio - without power upgrade I would have installed the "Close ratio" again.

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I am considering going for the close ratios in mine when I do my engine build. The engine (and hence also the gearbox) will be out of the car anyway, and I will probably have to open the gearbox for some strengthening work as I am already right at the gearbox limit with 500hp.

I am in two minds about changing the ratios. On the one hand, the car has loads of torque and so rips through the standard gears as it is. I also quite like the longer 6th gear for motorway cruising. But on the other hand the standard gears are long so I find myself rarely dropping below 3rd on track or above 4th. I didn’t even get to the top of 5th gear at 150+ mph by the end of the Kemmel Straight at Spa.

Daniel at KT seems to really recommend the closer ratios and I know @Wilbert Camshaft also recommended this approach. But it’s a lot of money for what might be minimal gain, especially given the amount of power I will have. Definitely don’t want it to feel like sprint gearing!

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