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Winter tyres - how old is too old?

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Been looking at Evoras recently so I can enjoy year round use more etc (and I’ve always fancied one!)

I haven’t got one just yet but with the cold temperatures we’ve had it has got me thinking about winter tyres.

I’ve had an offer of a set of the cast 18/19” standard Evora wheels, fitted with winter tyres for a decent price.   Wheels in great condition.  Tyres though are dated 2012 but have been stored correctly indoors and have 5.5 - 7.5mm tread.  They are Yoko W Drive tyres, and aren’t showing any signs of perishing or cracking anywhere from what I can see.

So the question is, are the tyres too old to be of any use?  If not, how long should I use them for (ie how many winters) before I need to bin them, even if there is decent tread left on them?    I guess they will probably still perform better than P-Zeros below say 10C, despite their age....?   

Or - If I buy them just for the wheels, what would a set of these wheels be worth?  They were refurbished 6 years ago but look to be in very good order, just a few scuffs and a bit of corrosion on the inside rims (on the back).


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I assume you have researched and Yokohama I suspect say 7 years .....but tyre manufacturers will be over-cautious and that will allow for the tyres having been on the car. From research I have done in the past, tyres off the car have a longer life. 

If you decide to go beyond the time-line recommended by Yoko, it will be you suffering the consequences - so it has to be your call. 

I have driven all sorts of cars with some very old rubber on - but I wouldn't do it out of choice or for any great length of time and certainly not at autobahn speeds. 

I ended up putting all-season Vredestein on my NA - they work very well. 




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Cheers Justin, maybe I’d be better to get a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (assuming the car I buy has Pirelli’s) as they seem to get good reviews and perform better in the cold than the P-Zeros.

He wants £450 for the set of wheels including the winter tyres.  Wondering if it’s perhaps worth getting them anyway and giving them a go.  Like you say though, they are going to be way past their best at 8 years old.

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hmm 8 years would have been iffy for me if they where brand new but used ... that would be a bit too old for me on something like an Evora.

I don't know what the going rate for a set of wheels is but if they are official Lotus wheels and in good nick £450 sounds good to me?

Regarding winter tyres vs new summer.   I'm a big advocate of running separate summer and winter tyres since switching over a few years ago.  But mine is a daily driver if you do limited miles and I guess with COVID most people are doing considerably less miles it might be hard to justify new winter tyres for this year.

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Truly, winter tires are at their best for 1 year. Then they are still performing very well for 2 to 3 more years. I personally change them after 4 years maximum.

The compound does change too much after this period of time even if stored in the best way possible in my opinion (wet performance mainly, then snow) 

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If it was me, I wouldn’t trust them, tires are cheap, fixing a car due to a blowout can be quite expensive.

7 years is the longest I would trust a tire, beyond that and bad things can happen


actually several years back I was driving my hearse to the airport to pick up a client, fortunately I wasn’t loaded.  One tire on my hearse blew its tread, took some body panels with it.  Tires were 8yrs old,  always garage kept and less then 20k miles of use,  At that time I was swapping tires every 10 years, now I am following RV recommendations and swapping tires at 7yrs.  

due to lack of snow where I live, I prefer summer + all weather over summer and snows

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I have. A set of winters in my garage that are 10 years old. They are cracked and useless. When I bought them 2nd hand I stupidly don't check the age, they degraded very quickly...

On my other car my winter tyres were obviously not performing well after 7 years. Probably had done less than 10k miles on them, they looked like new but just weren't up to the job. New set now on and the difference is very obvious. 

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