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S3/Turbo - Replacement Indicator Flasher - wiring help please

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I have a working "cannister" indicator flasher unit that I need to replace, as I've replaced some bulbs in the circuit with LEDs (and now get "hyper-flashing"). The connections are known a P,X,L. I am NOT goig to add resistors/diodes as that's way above my pay grade 😉 

I now have a replacement "flasher unit" which apparently will cope with the lower current draw of the LEDs, and still function. These connections are known a 31,49,49a.

The Lotus wiring diagram (LSL 247) confuses me, principally as I have v.little auto-electric knowledge/experience, and am having trouble transposing old-for-new for the pin connections. 

Original "Cannister" unit looks like the image "Cannister-1". My Service notes/Parts list do not tell me what each connector does.

New "Unit" looks like the image "New Flasher Unit 1", but connectore are labelled the other way round.

The Connector on the original "Cannister" only has two current connections: One to the Indicator Stalk, and the other is power in from the Hazard switch.

How do I wire up the new flasher unit properly?







New Flasher Unit.jpg

New Flasher Unit 1.jpeg

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Here’s the info on the led relay box of the relay that I installed recently. That should point you in the correct direction. Look up the cable colors in the lotus electrical diagram and connect them accordingly. Bear in mind that some led relays are sensitive to RF interference. Mine was working fine at idle but started to misbehave at higher rpm. I had to swop it for a different type. The connections X, L and P were the same.


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Wiring checked (pin-to-pin) colours sorted and wow! I also found a "spare" cable to ground with a bullet connector, so didn't have to unpick anything 🙂 

Crimped necessary cables, connected up,  and ..

Bloody hell, it only worked :thumbsup:

New LED bulbs all round and no hyper-flashing

Thanks @Gis


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