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Repeated leaking into passenger footwell

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Got into the car tonight to find it damp and steamed up - checked under the passenger mat and hey presto it was piss wet down there.

Pretty frustrated as I had Bell & Colvill put two new A pillar trims on to sort this problem recently and had them check it again when the passenger window regulator gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago.

Interestingly the A pillar trims don’t seem firmly connected at the top - if you poke them there’s quite a lot of flex going on with the door/window seal.

Is this likely the problem or could it be elsewhere?

Thank you... am pulling my hair out. 

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These cars can suffer from water ingress, I’ve had 4 separate instances in different areas and it can be like hunting for a needle in a haystack. B&C were stumped by the latest leak (all possible causes were guess work and incur hours of labour) so I left it and they advised placing tissues or similar around obvious ingress points (footwells, doors, etc.) and to check which were damp after a downpour to at least identify the source. I gave up but parking nose-up on an incline seems to help (like previous poster said). Assuming parking under a roof isn’t an option, maybe buy a car cover to minimise leaks? Pain in the backside putting it on and off if used regularly, though.

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Car is parked on the flat - and is used daily so car cover not a practical option. B&C did seem to have sorted the issue with new A pillar trims at the last service but now it's come back at the same time that the passenger side trim is flappy at the top (sealant come away?).

Can anyone whose Evora doesn't leak give the top of their A pillar trims a poke for me and tell me if they're flapping about or firmly attached? Otherwise I will be leaving tissues around the interior to try and work it out. Thanks!


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