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Hand Brake Cable Rubbing on Lower Wishbone

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Not sure if this has ever been posted before (I did try a few searches and nothing appeared)

Took my 2014 Evora for its MOT today and this was an advisory. The picture is of the off side and you can see where it has not only worn the the cable outer but also worn a slight groove in the wishbone.

The near side is no where near as tight to the wishbone but has still rubbed. 

For the moment I have cut some pieces of braided fuel line to sheath the worn bits. Deroure shows replacement ones at £72 but I should imagine it will take a good couple of hours to swap.

It almost seems like the grommets in the chassis, where the cable exits, are too far forward making the cable too tight. I wonder if the holes are hand cut ? And I ended up with the apprentice doing mine.




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As far as I know, this is pretty common across all S1 Evoras, and isn't considered an issue. The rubbing seems to mostly happen on full suspension extension, and is minimal enough that I think it would take a very long time for it to rub its way through the arm. It could have been avoided entirely had Lotus just made the cables 1cm longer, but maybe they got in the way of something else? 🤷‍♂️

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Yup this has happened to me as well.

Mine hasn't worn through the cable sheath yet.

I've done a temporary repair of duck tape for now and will see how it's getting on during the summer when I'm doing some other bits underneath.

Its worth everyone checking theirs and getting some protection on!

You can never be too least thats what she said......

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Yep this was picked up on mine at last mot.

Ive also fixed it by protecting with braided fuel line cable tied in just a case of monitoring and replacing fuel line as required...

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