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Hub for inboard brakes

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I am beginning the task of collecting all the parts I need to rebuild my '79.

I don't own a trans so will purchase one from ds-vitesse in Holland.

One obvious part I need are the hubs for the inboard brakes.

What document should I refer to when looking for the part number? I assume it the part number I would use to define what I'm looking for?

This is the first time I'm going down this path with the esprit.

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Perhaps @dsvitesse1 can clarify :)


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Evora NA

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Peteyg, in the UK I'm based near Titchfiled so it would be good to get your advice when I am back. For the foreseeable I am in Holland, without the car.

I just checked the S1/S2 manual. According to page D2 I have the 'intermediate-shaft'(12) & 'drivesaft-flange'(13). 

Does that mean I am in need of 2x 'drive-shaft-adaptors' (page J6)? (these are the 'bespoke-adaptor-hubs' mentioned above?)

Also, does Lotus have a parts coding system like modern cars? or am I wishful thinking?

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after some more digging I found what I was after...the part number

this site was handy:

I think the part number I am after is C079D4002G (x2)

Does that sound right?

and now I just found the matching parts list document PDF. I should have found this sooner! This makes life easier.

Although I fear finding the C079D4002G will be hard!

Any leads will be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, D4002G is what I'd thought to be the object in need of creative sourcing if not already in hand as these are exclusive to Lotus. There has for some time been listed on Ebay (U.S.) a complete rear suspension links set for S1/S2. Otherwise it's likely to be specialist breakers like LotusBits in the UK who may just possibly have what you'll need.

Best of luck

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Since this post I got hold of the hubs. 

More importanly, as of yesterday I now have an '87 Giugiaro Turbo transmission complete with inboard brakes.

After looking for 5 years, admittedly not very hard, I'm hoping I now have what I need.

Another question.

Where am I looking for the relevant serial (or otherwise) coding to understand exacly what I have?

I'm based in Holland so will move the gearbox there and hopefully get Harry to bring it back to life for me.

I'll post some pictures when I know where to look... it is a bit of a mess


Thanks again

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HI, you have not the correct gearbox for your S1. Turbo has C35 casing with only 1 drain plug. Bell housing is different.

There are only 2 type. " previous "and " C35 ".


I can supply you the correct " previous " gearbox with correct bell housing





Harry Martens




with kind regarDS,

Harry Martens

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On 26/02/2021 at 08:22, Gis said:

To my understanding, the transmission should come complete with the hubs. 


There are also shim rings on this assembly, on S1s certainly. Used in setting up the rear camber I believe. Don't forget those. They don't appear to be shown in the WSM diagram.

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