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EML on and OBD reader advice

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After winter suspension refresh and waiting for the weather and salt to clear up, last week I took my car out for essential shopping trip and on the way back the EML came on. Car is running perfectly, no missing and revs fine. I cleaned the sensor on the intake tube ( car has had a Radium CAI for last 8 years) and started the car a few times but EML remained on. Took the car out again yesterday on my weekly farm shop visit and the light was off (probably was the 5th start up) but then came on again on the return trip.

I dont have an OBD reader so any recommendations as to best one to get - I did see on a previous thread a Torque Pro one was mentioned, is this still a good device to get, or any other recs?  Also, any ideas why the light would come on but the engine is still running perfectly? My only thought is that it just needs a really decent long hard run, which I cant do currently,  after lots of start ups in the garage in the winter just to move it about.



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I have use stand alone ones a bit like

plus the ones that connect by bluetooth that are also quite cheap. The bluetooth ones sometimes to have a problem getting them to link to an app, ie trying to get them to pair, but all managed it in the end. When we had a newer car that had canbus I had to get a new reader as the older ones I had did not support it.

I have a mg/rover tool that does most things on the mg's (ie for mg's things like security/srs etc) but also includes standard engine codes.  It also supports the K series engine more than standard obd2 readers do - like you probable have in the Elise?

I used to keep 2 readers in the Jeep we had as we had a series of problems. 

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I can also vouch for the veepeak OBD reader. Bought one 12 months ago and works perfectly.

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