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Leo's Exige V6 IPS

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It was all start 11 years ago when I was still in collage back in US NH. One day after work I found this baby in the parking lot.



Behind it was my first car a MX-5 NB aka Miata in US.  As a big fan of small light weight sports car, I know lotus long ago but this was the very first time I saw a Lotus with my own eyes.




And you can't blame me cause I was in love, after a second thought I know this is exactly what I want.  11 years ago I was just a collage boy no way I can afford it. But I know this was not the end but the beginning.




Until 2 years ago I finally had a chance to got one of my own Exige.  



Sadly,With all that many of exige none of them with a manual gearbox. Due to the stupid marketing policy, There are only handful  manual exige V6 in my country


I was driving a MX-5, a S2000 and whole bunch of motorcycles so I know how to handle a clutch well, but I guess sometimes you just can't have everything.


So my exige was one of them here, not too much to pick, but mine was the only one there with the DPM race mode.







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