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Elan Sprint Dyno Results

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I’ve posted these elsewhere, but for us classic lotus owners, decided to post here too.

Had my engine to JS Motorsport for some work I wanted doing, prior to me taking the car on a Swiss Alps tour next year. There wasn’t really anything wrong with the engine apart from a slightly noise cam follower, but I decided while it was being opened up to do everything.

Head although ported previously, was finished off by JS. Fitted Forged rods and pistons, all bolts are now ARP, valves and  guides also done, along basically with everything else. Used JS “special” cam followers too. Full engine balance, flywheel skim etc etc. Engine then run in on the dyno and a power run performed.

Have to say I have been exceptionally impressed by JS, very very knowledgable and more than that, very good to chew the fat with, spot on in fact 👍

So here are some pictures along with two dyno runs, taken 10 years apart. I am exceptionally pleased. One thing I did do after speaking with JS about this was to fit an updated oil pump, primarily due to my tour next years and lots off continuous motorway driving, plus all the ups and downs of the mountain passes.  I hope you enjoy...
















Mark Kelly Dyno Graph.jpg


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Thanks for posting mark ..  looks epic.. 

ive sent you a pm..


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1 hour ago, andyj007 said:

Thanks for posting mark ..  looks epic.. 

ive sent you a pm..



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So Mark, that's a Europa setup powering the water pump, how are you intending to power the generator?


John W

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The generator wasn’t fitted for the dyno run. It’s an Elan engine👍

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