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fuel tank balance pipe


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Hi, converting from carb to tbfi, I have a 8mm balance tube between the tanks,  I want a bigger one, does anybody know the main diameter of the balance bar fitted on stevens esprits with in-tank fuel pumps?  so I can modify the old tanks now they are out.

thanks, Rick

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19 hours ago, tjs98jetta said:

Mine has a 1 inch ID one, or the metric equivalent.  

so 1" ID makes about 27.5 mm OD when the wall thickness is 1mm  or when the pipe is metric it's 25mm ID 

I'll better wait till somebody has a vernier and a balance bar.... lol  


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2 hours ago, DaKa said:

Why would you want or need a bigger balance tube between the 2 tanks unless you only want to fill from one side perhaps?

(one side filling is a nice option btw,) I am going with an in-tank full pump, the return fuel will be dumped into that same tank so it is nice when fuel can flow easy between the two tanks if it can not, 1 tank will have all the returning fuel from the pump and might overflow as the pump will flow more than that silly 8mm hose can transport to the other tank.   

I'll have the fuel pump in the rhs tank, the tbfi is on the rhs as well so I'll have very short fuel lines, I don't like the current set up with fuel hose going everywher 

1 hour ago, tjs98jetta said:

The wall thickness is certainly thicker than 1 mm, its a substantial object. 

well, I am more happy with 2mm wall thickness but knowing lotus I'll assume it was just 1mm LOL

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Quite possibly the wall thickness is Imperial, 0.035 inch perhaps as were the heater transfer pipes in early Esprit? Agree with your analysis regarding fuel management with EFI.


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