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bulkhead bolts

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Hi, toke my chassis bracket to bulkhead bolts out as I am doing lots of things just because the interior is out now,   read on the forum they can loss because of the shrinking wooden bulkhead,   I am going to replace with M10, I do not have the sleeves later cars have BUT I found out I have a lot of "nothing" between the wood and grp/steel bracket

I made an drawing to clarify,   the steel chassis bracket on the left is in grey, the red ins the GRP (I have a red car lol) and the wood is brown

as you can see the wood is 12mm and the "nothing" behind it is something like 14mm,  grp looks like 5 mm

when I tighten the bolt I hear the wood and grp cracking so I was thinking to put a sleeve (yellow) in between that is a little shorter than the total lenght so I still pressure the wood but not as much as before


would you put the sleeves in or not and if how much shorter? 

thanks, Rick

bulkhead bolt.png

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4 hours ago, jonwat said:

Have you read the howto on Lotusespritworld 😃

I just did BUT my situation is different as I have this  "air gap" between the plywood and GRP/steel bracket that makes it impossible to do it this way. that gap is not all the way, in between the holes and to the site is nothing, but a bit (like5mm)  above and below is GRP.  



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Use something like 5mm steel plate for both the cabin side brackets and backers for the chassis tabs, bore right through the wood and GRP in diameter sufficient to pass through the steel spacer tubes. This way the tubes serve to limit the crush of the GRP and wood when nuts are drawn tight whilst connecting the chassis to the firewall effectively. I am doing it this way, welding the bolts to the cabin plate so only 1 person needed to remove/secure via nuts on the engine bay side. No harm widening the cabin side bracket so as to accommodate more wood screws.


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