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Will a G body fuel tank fit a Steven's car?

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  • ATSAaron changed the title to Will a G body fuel tank fit a Steven's car?

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Jeez that's nasty, although engine bay looks unmolested and chassis still nice and bright.   Maybe try comparing the tanks on the deroure website?   Sure all the specialists will know, if you do some business with them.

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I guess the best ones to check (how Steve has suggested) are the last of the G car turbo with the HC engine, vs the Stevens with the same fuel system, or the NA models with the same system, that way hopefully connection fittings will not be the cause of any part number idfferences.

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I'm enjoying your youtube post Aaron - up to No.10 - keep up the good work.

Will the engine come out at any point?

I was told more than 2 engine jobs best remove it, but I've not found any detailed youtube (or the wheeler dealers Esprit episode) on just how easy that is to do? 

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Episode 11 will come out in an hour or so. Thanks for watching!! I’m very close to the minimum number of hours for YouTube to pay me. I have no idea how much that will be. Probably $1. Haha

The engine out is a 50/50 chance right now. The deciding factor is how much of the interior firewall has to come out to replace the rotted wood. If a bunch has to come out I am thinking there is a solid chance for easy timing belt access. 

Episode 12 will be at least front brakes and I’m going to drive this thing!! 


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