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End of my tether! 86 S3 N/A

Big Vern

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I tend to agree with @Andyww that it sounds like it may be vaporisation.

That's reasonably cheap and easy to check. If you temporarily replace one of the carb hoses with a clear plastic fuel hose (temp because clear plastic hoses are awful long term).

If vaporisation is occurring you will be able to see the vapour bubbles in the clear fuel line.

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Thanks folks and apologies for the delay in responding.

Steve, it is on my list to replace the Dizzy, but Jim in the meantime im deffo trying your suggestion. I never thought of that but it makes sense to give it a go. Christian, i cant believe something could go wrong after a certain amount of time but for me it also seems to be a particular bit of road which has nothing significant about it. maybe there is a 'government facility' that is nearby which is interrupting the Lotus Flow!

Ill keep you posted!


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Although technically @Big Vern it wasn't S3 NA and S3 Turbo, it was S3 (that followed Esprit ( later referred to as S1) S2 and S2.2) and Turbo Esprit (which was the first turbocharged Esprit model and so there was no S1 Turbo nor S2 Turbo ), but so many call the TE the  "S3 Turbo Esprit" hence we have to do what you did and use the term NA to be clear what sort of induction it had.

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In most auto forums, “NA” refers to “Naturally Aspirated” while “FI” represents “Forced Induction”; however, yup, we have TE (Turbo—i.e. Forced Induction) Esprit and NA. 

Otherwise, the *general* nomenclature for Federal (US) cars also encompasses HCI/HCi or, as deecee notes, Bosch fuel injection…with all the other attributions (S3, S3 Turbo, etc.) tossed into the mix. 

Often confusing, always fun! 😝🤪

1986 Esprit HCI (Bosch-injected)

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What do your spark plugs say?  Have you looked at carb jetting?  Is there any particular RPM range that is more problematic?  Dellortos have two fueling circuits - idle and main.  The switchover from idle to main is around 3000 rpm give or take.  I had a similar problem with a Federal '83 Turbo.  It would buck and spit at mid RPM briefly until it warmed up (not quite the same as your problem but similar).  Going up one step on the idle jets took care of the problem, as the idle circuit would lean out just before the fueling circuit switchover when the engine was cold.  Once it was warmed up, it wasn't as much of an issue unless you stayed right in the crossover range.

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Mike - '83 Esprit Turbo, Turbo St. Tropez,  '87 Esprit Turbo  (FrankEnSPRIT), '05 Elise

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