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Suspension set up

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can anyone with more knowledge than me take a look at the following and let me know your thoughts.  

I had my esprit set up last year and that is the Center gravity sheet and last month a ball joint dropped down 10mm so I’ve had it fixed and a local company has set the car back up.  Thing is, they both seem to be different and there’s still a bit of red about on the parameters.  

just curious as if I should ask for it altering or if it’s fine for road set up 



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The first thing I would check is the proper figures from the manual and then compare those to the actual readings. I wouldn’t trust the machines idea of where they should be. 
the rear toe  is a pain to adjust because it uses shims. I also found  changing the shims effected the camber so there was a fair bit of adjusting and then readjusting. My mate has a tyre shop so I borrowed his alignment rig for the afternoon 👍.  

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As said above the rear toe is a pain to adjust and probably has been ignored. There's no excuse for not adjusting the rear camber unless the upper arms are seized.

The front toe is wrong, it should be 0O12' +/- 4' toe out.

The front castor is wrong too, it should be 3O12' +/- 12' and within 12' side to side.

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