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Hi all,

I picked up my new (to me) Exige 410 yesterday, and I've been getting to know the car a bit more today. I've already got a question for the collective knowledge of TLF...

Whilst looking through the documentation, I found an invoice that say in December 2020 the previous owner had got fed up with battery issues, and had a normal Varta 72Ah battery fitted. (See invoice below)

I thought this was fair enough, and wasn't too bothered one way or another. 

Today I thought I'd have a quick look in the battery compartment. And what I found is shown in the photo below.

A quick bit of research suggests that this is a 'Super B' lithium battery. 

Is this the type of battery that Lotus fitted from the factory? I'm struggling to understand why my car has this fitted, when only 5 months ago the owner paid to have a normal Varta installed.

I haven't yet asked the supplying dealer if they know anything, but wondered what you guys thought?



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Ah, cool. Thank you. 

I wonder if the dealership fitted it to return the car to original factory specification before selling it. 

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Did the car come with the lithium battery charger.

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Are the ends of the charger cable connected to the battery, my gt430 came with the 2 leads connected to the battery with the cable connector visible from inside the boot with the leads going back to the battery behind the battery cover.(mine is an evora). So just had to connect the charger lead to the lead protruding from the battery cover. - and plug it in...

As you said it may well be that the dealer put it back to spec (if this is the spec the car was built as)  If the previous owner had a problem with the charger - maybe they provided a new charger.

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Yep, it’s got the quick connector thing hanging in the boot with the leads connected to the battery. 

I better make sure I keep on top of the battery maintenance! 

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