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Pauls Exige 410 Sport

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I think it’s a Sealey one. 

What size hex nut have you got, 17mm or 19mm?

When I was looking at M12 x 1.5 taper nuts you could get the hex part in both sizes. I deliberately chose the 17mm version for that reason. 

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Love your track silencer solution... pretty sure I will replicate it. Thanks for the idea 👍 

Just curious why Komo-tec states that their silencer can not fit the titanium exhaust. It might be material, titanium is softer/stickier to the steel. Have you used tje standard steel tube for the part inserted into the OEM exhaust?


BTW: you have some really nice mods on your Exige. Keep up the great work 😃

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It’s sprayed. Seemed the cheapest and easiest option  

I’ve never tried vinyl wrapping and I’d probably have made a complete mess of it, especially with all the curves etc. 

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Back to the functional modifications todays.

One of the things I have found difficult in this car is heel and toeing on track. I have just found it quite awkward compared to some other cars I've owned. I've been having a look trying to determine the issue. Firstly, I think the car itself doesn't help. I find it needs quite a decent 'stab' of the accelerator to blip the engine.  Secondly, because I'm 6ft it's harder to manoeuvre and twist my foot without hitting the steering wheel. Finally I don't think the pedal layout is quite as optimum as it could be for me. I can't do anything about the first two, but I can address the third one. 

Looking at the pedals, even with the brake pedal pushed down it's still a bit higher than the accelerator. This is quite hard to show in photographs, but...


There is also a reasonable gap between the brake and accelerator pedal, so there is the potential to close that up a bit.

I wanted to have a pedal that would close the gap slightly, but far more importantly give me the option to adjust the height.  I ordered these just for the accelerator pedal.



The original pedal cover is rivetted and glued on, so relatively easy to remove without damaging it. 


The new accelerator pedal would be bolted in place, so I had to drill some new holes in the pedal mounting.


The new pedal ends up about 7 or 8mm closer to the brake pedal. As it is in the photo above, it would be the same as the standard pedal. The advantage I have now is that I can fit spacers between the mounting plate and the new pedal. For now I've fitted about a 12mm spacer and it seems pretty good based on a few practice goes. The accelerator is level with the brake when I push down on it really hard. From here I can practice with it and then tweak the height as required.


Compared to some of the aftermarket pedals I've seen fitted, it doesn't look too bad. I don't think somebody looking in the car would immediately know that it's an aftermarket add on, and I can refit the original pedal back whenever I want. 



Hopefully now I'll be able to master heel and toe in this car and make my braking on track a lot smoother. 

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Did you drill the rivets out Paul?  

What are you using for spacers?

did you cut the bolts to make them shorter or is their length not an issue?

do the bolts have nuts on the rear?


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On 08/04/2021 at 20:58, Paul_D said:

First modification carried out last night, albeit not a particularly exciting one. 

Having read all the horror stories about killing the lithium batteries and the care they need, I thought any help keeping an eye on it would be worth having. So I ordered one of these:




Obviously very easy to connect, nothing more complicated than connecting to the positive and negative of the battery. (Although for ease of install, I didn't connect the positive directly onto the battery)



Then download and connect to the app, and it immediately shows the battery level. It says it automatically connects and updates when you are in range. As well as the live data and a couple of tests, you can set alarms to initiate at two different battery levels.


Hey Paul,

Do you have this Tracker on your car 24x7? Is it worthwhile only for lithium batteries? How often does do you normally take your car out for a drive?

Is this a good idea for standard batteries too?

Apart from the weight saving, do lithium batteries last longer than standard batteries?


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Yeah, the battery tracker is permanently connected. I'm lucky in that my car is parked quite close to my house, so at any point I can just check the exact status of the battery from the comfort of my sofa.

They do a version for non-lithium batteries, but I guess people don't worry about them quite as much. A normal battery isn't too expensive to replace if you kill it, but the lithium is £1000+. For how cheap the tracker is though, I think I'd fit one onto any car which may be left a while and might fully drain the battery.

Since I got the car it's been driven frequently enough to not be an issue, but that may change now winter is here. The other advantage of the battery monitor is that I can quite accurately gauge how long the car can safely be left without driving it or charging the battery.

I'm afraid I don't really know much about the properties of lithium vs standard batteries. I know that the voltage of a lithium battery is much more stable in relation to charge. So whereas a normal battery will have noticeably lower voltage as the charge drops, the lithium remains very similar to maximum. 

The capacity of the lithium battery stays the same regardless of discharge rate so you can use a smaller capacity version. This seems to give a decent overview:


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7 minutes ago, fjc27 said:

What is the disc thickness you measured after the (first ?) set of worn pads ?

It was 31.85mm.

I don’t know exactly how close they are to the nominal 32mm when new, but either way it’s not a bad amount of wear for over 5000 miles and 4 track days. 


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That looks pretty good Paul. I wouldn't want to block the vents like that as a little heat on my hands is very much appreciated this time of year. Wish I could find something similar with a much smaller screen. CarPlay is the only thing I really miss from my Evora.

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Yeah, that’s fair enough, but I’m a bit surprised that anyone is that bothered about the central vents to be honest. My HVAC set permanently to ‘windscreen’, and I find the cabin is so small it gets warm quickly anyway. 

I drove to work in the Exige this morning, and even with temps at 3 degrees I didn’t give a thought to the centre vents being partially blocked. 

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