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Charcoal canister - air feed line

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Out with the old, in with the less old. Thanks to @Barrykearley got a slightly newer charcoal canister (thanks Barry). Whereas mine had done  94k miles, Barry's had done about 60k?. After fitting it I *think* the fuel smell in the cabin has diminished, need to take her for a longer drive to be sure. I've checked all the evaporative loss system pipes again with a mirror+led on an extendable arm, no signs of cracks or ruptures.( How on earth is anyone capable of detaching the roll over valve and associated piping without being upside down on the engine and with telescopic eyes and periscope arms??) If there's still a fuel smell then next step is either replacement of those pipes and/or looking for some other leakage in the fuel circuit. The tanks were successfully pressure tested previously, can't imagine it's from them. The cross over venting pipe has also been replaced. Maybe closer to the injectors? Anyone had any fuel leakage issues in the fuel rail or injectors on a Stevens Esprit?


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I have read before that cars that run rich will have a fuel smell if the Cat Converter is not 100%.  Of course that smell would be tail pipe.  Modified RX7s are reportedly particularly bad as they run very rich to protect the apex seals and the cat converter is a huge restriction because they flow so much, so often removed.

I have also read that the Esprits are kinda rich running for safety reasons.  Is it possible this could be some of the smell?

Also, have you confirmed you have good vacuum on the fume system?  Something as simple as one of those one way valves installed back wards would render it completely inop.  Also if one of those little one way valves failed it would let fumes escape when no vacuum. 


Oh I did not go back and read the rest of the thread, sorry if I repeated.

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How on earth is anyone capable of detaching the roll over valve and associated piping without being upside down on the engine and with telescopic eyes and periscope arms??

That's why, after removing and cleaning our ROV, I vowed to be 'busy that day' if any of my Esprit friends wanted help with theirs. 👀

Despite placing a magnetized blanket under it, I must have lost 10 kilos of washers into the bodywork while doing the job. :shuriken:


Should have realized that this needed to be yet another Engine Out Job! 😅

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Atwell Haines

'88 Esprit

Succasunna, NJ USA

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Despite replacing the charcoal cannister (and also taping up the edges of the seatbelt roll covers just behind the bulkhead), I'm still getting a fuel smell in the cabin but only when going round a right bend, e.g. a roundabout. I haven't found a left turn bend sharp and long enough to see if the same is true that other way. So, maybe something to do with sloshing. The tanks were pressure tested and powder coated by @Barrykearley so doubt it's a leaking tank. Maybe time to fully inspect ALL breather etc. tubes and pipes. My only solace is that there's zero fuel smell under normal driving conditions, regardless of how hard she's driven.

Anyone ever had similar symptoms?

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If it’s rusted inside out - then maybe. But I frankly doubt it. The top sides of the tanks looked like new when I pulled them out with only small amounts of surface rust underneath.

filler cap seals ??

Only here once

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