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Anyone received their 390 Final Edition yet?

Matt W

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13 hours ago, Citizen said:

Are you serious? How long will you have to wait?

Yep, totally serious here. My dealership is now trying to understand how this could have happened. Probably, because of who is coming up for the costs...

I literally ordered my Exige more than a year ago and finally called the dealership to ask whether they have some ETA... I saw that the last Final Editions are now for sale in Germany and France...

To my surprise my Exige arrived, but he didn't call me yet to not disappoint me. I am now obviously unbelievably disappointed on this. I hope Hethel will somehow compensate for this. Simply retrofitting and waiting another couple of months won't do it for me.

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My daily is a BMW roadster without the AC (I spend a lot for the sun cream)... so I am biased 😂 But yeah, can't imagine tracking the Exige without the AC.

That is seriously f*** up situation. Heard that some Exiges arrived with the wrong color combo, my arrived without interior carpets... but those are really small things compared to yours. Maybe they just run out of the AC compressors, and finished cars without it.... same reason they are putting hardtops on the Elise 😐

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First FE front splitter damaged?  2 bumps on right side, one might be mostly PPF, other is deeper.
Made an error on track, after hitting grass three turns before I pushed too much on fast corner, overcorrected a bit and went on grass again. Front splitter hit some small stones probably, could have been worse.
It's a track toy, I want to push it and expect these stuff to happen so no issue here. 

However as this is only carbon part on my car I was thinking of replacing it with non-carbon splitter for tracking. Any ideas where to get them from?


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I'm sure the 2-Eleven splitter was made from Marine Ply painted matt black so you could take yours off and use it as a template to make your own?


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I did some very minor scuffs to the underside of mine. Driveway which was fine on the way up but caught me out going down. 


Probably couldn't see them unless I pointed it out. I'm also tempted to order a plastic one. 

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