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Excel door card removal? - help

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Any hint how to remove the door card? How is it fixed? I need to get inside the door to repair the outside handle linkage and lock barrel, which is currently dangling inside the door and blocking the window mechanism. I can’t seem to understand how the card is fixed. I found 2 screws from the bottom and the screw in the ashtray and in the door opener removed the little black light switch thingy but no success yet. What’s the secret? How is it fixed. Clips? Glued?
Would prefer to understand how it is fixed to reduce chances of breaking it. Thanks for your help!


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Look for small screws around the edges. There's also a screw in the door handle itself. They are fairly obvious once you know what you are looking for. I'll just go and check my car.

Edit to add: Just checked - I have two underneath, one at the rear, and the one in the handle. My car is an 89, and the screw at the rear is very obvious, whereas I can't see it on your door. Just run your fingers underneath, you should feel them.

I think you pull out from the bottom, and then lift vertically (It's been a few years since I last removed the door card).


Further edit - must read all the original post before replying, as I didn't read that you'd found the screws. Mine doesn't have one in the ashtray.

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Pete and Chris many thanks for your help. I was unable to further investigate as a friend convinced me to use the long awaited early rays of almost summer sun of this afternoon to hit the golf links.  Mine is a 83 model around the edges I only found the 2 bottom screws. ( no screw horizontally) But I guess the answer lies in the door handle itself. Had not looked at the handle.... I am kind of baffled how to reach any of the screws as it is fully covered nicely in vinyl leather from all sides.

Will check tomorrow.

 But from manual (see pic) i suspect this to be the culprit.


cheers, zeb





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I was doing this last Friday.

As said, remove the two (or three) screws around the bottom and edge. Remove the screw in the inside door release. You may need to wiggle the plastic piece to clear a lip of the inside notch and then this plastic piece can be removed. Rotate the bottom of the door card out, so the card is now loose, and then wiggle the top which will lift out vertically. It may catch a bit at the front, so more wiggling required. As you lift the door card away release the window switch connector and the two leads to the speaker.

You will need to remove two plastic panels to get to the inside where all the interesting bits are. When you replace these panels don't forget to seal the edges will silicon, or some such. When replacing the plastic around the door release make sure the lip at the front in located in the notch and don't over tighten the screw, as it's very easy to break this plastic piece, and quite hard to find a replacement.


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Thanks Tony! Finally got it. Needed to pry out the bottom part using a big flat screw driver with brute force as mine was glued around the bottom edges. 

The ashtray and door handle stay in place as they are only attached to the door card And have no connection to the door whatsoever.


many thanx for all your help!




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