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MY '85 TE Headlamp Pod rivet specification

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I need to replace the outboard pivot ball joint on the nearside headlamp pod and see that the rivets are countersunk.

This is the part number for the rivets A075W6090Z, but does anyone know the spec/dimensions of these pop rivets so that I can order some? i only need 4 !!   I can't believe they're £1 each :ouch: (plus VAT and delivery) from usual suspect ....



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If the ball joints are the same as those used on the S4 I've just fitted some myself earlier in the week and I ordered a bag of 3.2mm x 12mm countersunk aluminium pop rivets from this seller on eBay.

Norfolk Mustard S4s #1 :)

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Thanks @tomcattom  the part number is the same (albeit the replacement for the original listed in the manual)  - appreciate the link to the correct rivets   👍

1 hour ago, lotus-62 said:

I have used M3 bolt/nut (countersunk head and nyloc bolts)  

Interesting solution  @lotus-62  how on earth did you manage to get the nuts on/tightened ? there's virtually no space behind the panel. 🤔

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