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Rocking Seat......Fixed for now!

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Thanks Tom, very helpful.  I probably need to do this to mine, there is a bit of play in certain seat positions.  

How difficult / time consuming was the whole process?  I am fairly mechanically minded (e.g. I service my MX5 at home) but prefer to leave bigger jobs to the experts.


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Its not too bad.....

15 mins to get seats out. They're only 4 bolts. Fully adjust the seat back forward, helps removing them from car.

(There's wires that need unplugging)

I then put them upside down on a stool to access base. 

Dismantling the runner requires a bit of jiggling but once you've done one it's self explanatory to do the other side.

You then remove the plastic ball.bearing carriers, pop out the metal and insert the very slightly bigger Torlon balls.

The tricky bit is working out how many torlon balls you need. If you swap all of them, the plastic bit won't go back into the runner. So you need to look at the runner and see where the most wear in the metal is, and change the balls that sit in that part.......I changed maybe 6 out of 12 balls each side.

You then gently hammer them back in the the runner. 

It probably took me 2 to 3 hours in total, once you get your head round out it goes together it's straightforward.

Its only two pieces of metal and two plastic ball carriers per side.

I bought these balls....

I knew I should of taken some pictures!!!

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