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LED Instrument Bulbs?

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I've seen the results from using them in the S1's Veglia instrumentation cluster and they're an improvement in clarity. Though, being a stickler in the light department (part of my job), I'd say they can be a bit too blue/white (daylight balanced). Personally, I'd seek out cream/yellow ones.

I've film lighting which has dialable LEDs. They mix daylight and tungsten orientated arrays together to change the overall colour temperature. I'm sure a less white LED "bulb" is available in the sizes required, but I haven't looked.

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1 hour ago, drdoom said:


What has been the result in switching to LED bulbs for the Smiths gauges? Yea or nay? 

on my '85 TE ....  Smiths guages - certainly an improvement - but not enough to recommend  - the guages are the limitation; not the light source.

Trying to get the light out of the "tube" and into the "dial surround" must require an enormous amount of extra lumens. 

Now I've done it - would not do it again - just stick to std bulbs and it will (also) reduce any LED inteference possibilities.


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Happy with mine, but I made my own screw base bulbs with warm white 5730 LED's. Noticeably brighter than the Lucas candles provided. Hopefully by now off-the-shelf bulbs are available with high lumens.

As noted the smaller gauges have deep bulb tubes that require a long skinny bulb to get properly into the cavity, and the speedo or tach has a color dome just inside the light socket that limits the bulb size a bit. 

Proper dimming requires a cheap PWM module and re-wiring the gauge lamp grounds.


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I changed mine to LED's.

Before, i could barely see the instruments at night, after was a massive difference. I also took the dials apart and put reflective tape around the insides. Im not sure it made a big difference in that respect but overall it was so much better!

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