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Interior retrim - questions

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I'm mulling over whether to do a proper retrim of the interior of my car this coming winter. It's a 2011 S without the premium pack. It's generally fine but I truly loathe the crappy "cheesecloth" type grey fabric lotus have used all over the lower parts of the cabin and in places it's got a bit baggy for want of a better term. Also it's a bloody nightmare to get dirt and marks out of.

While the likes of Allon White are to some degree a "goto" place for Lotus retrimming they're a fair distance from me and I'm happy to do some of the work myself. Not the actual trimming bit but the dismantling and rebuilding. DIYing it I can tidy up a few things as well like the old Alpine GPS unit that's sitting in the dash defunct after I changed the head unit. There's a really decent classic car trimmer only a few miles from me so my plan would be to dismantle myself and "feed" them bits to work on.

So, in terms of dismantling the interior has anyone here or anywhere else done a decent thread with pictures of doing it to help me along the way? I have the service manual which seems pretty comprehensive but I'm just wondering about getting as much info to guide as possible.

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No idea of quality, and not recommending or anything, but I've noticed that the above eBay seller/shop does many pre-cut and pre-stitched bits for the Evora for a true DIY job.... They list complete dash parts for other cars too so may be able to help with other bespoke bits..... Just an option....

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Quite a few of the VX220 boys have used these "kits" to upgrade their interiors. Generally the view is they are OK, well made, but the leather can be a tad hard. Certainly seen several VX220's retrimmed with this and they look great.

I came into this world screaming and covered in someone elses blood. I'll probably leave it in the same way. 

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If you have a trimmer nearby, then I suggest you take the car to them and see what thy say. Generally trimmers do not like taking cars to bits, so they would - I think - welcome a chance to cover panels as you drip feed them.

I have just taken out the interior trim and seats (350S) to change my seat belts to red (- I know, but we are in lockdown here, so anything to relieve the boredom...) and it is not difficult. If you got stuck with any single panel, I am sure there are enough here to answer the question...

Dashboard is a bit more difficult, but doable.


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Yes, think going to the local trimmer is likely the best bet and as you say, not expecting them to take it to bits will likely curry favour.

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