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Steering Column Lower Bearing

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Hi, does anyone know what I can use for a replacement bearing please?

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This is a difficult one Geof!  The lower bearing is an angular contact type - you must keep it spring loaded for it to work as it should.  Have you got the column out?  Is the collar and spring still there?  I've made an all-electric column for my Elite and may still have the original bearings in a box somewhere - I'll have a look to see what sort of condition they're in.

The column is the same as export MG-C models I believe!


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Hi Pete.

Thank you for info. I have the column stripped and carefully labelled the shims etc. there is a spring on the lower bearing but not the top. I have also made a new top aluminum housing to hold bicycle crank bearings.  I guess that I could make a bronze lower bearing as the car won't go that far if I ever finish it!!


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Anatomy of the lower bearing!


Part 1 is the outer race

part 2 is the inner race

part 3 is an O-ring

part 4 is a thin plastic "washer"

part 5 is foam

part 6 is a thin plastic washer

part 7 is a steel retaining washer

When I found the bearing I thought it was knackered!  However - having dismantled and cleaned it it would definitely be OK to re-use - both races good.  BUT - part 7 takes some getting out.  It retains parts 4,5 and 6 (which would have been a foam-sandwich seal laminated together) and is held in place by the outer race being folded over it.  I levered it out with a small screwdriver - then worked it flat again.  I filed a couple of flats on it (you can just see in the photo) and that allows it to go back in.  The O-ring sits between the seal and the inner race.  All the parts are centralised by the column and a spring/retaining collar keeps it all under "pressure". 

I'm sure if you made a new seal from say, some nitrile foam, and reassembled it it would be fine.  Maybe yours is just as good Geof.  Sounds like you're giving it a good fettle!

The spring at the top of the column is in the form of a wavy washer - shimmed and retained by the circlip.



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