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Elite Water Pump Query

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After a long winter I decided after a lovely run out in that rare sunshine recently that I’d change the coolant and antifreeze. Since doing so I now have water loss problems!!
initially I thought I’d not tightened a hose clip sufficiently - if only. 
I appear to be losing water from a small hole under the nose of the water pump (pictured hopefully). 
assuming the worst I assume that changing the water and antifreeze has somehow changed something and my water pump has no ‘gone’. 
is this water loss a definite sign of such failure?

What is the fix and likely cost?

I was hoping to arrange to have my belts done this spring so is it a job that can be tackled by a suitable expert at the same time?

Plans for some COVID free spring runs have been dashed by appalling weather but now it looks like I need some serious help before the car can go anywhere. 

Your help and advice, as ever is appreciated. 


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Here should be the picture I couldn’t upload before, taken from underneath the car looking up to the pump


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Hi, sorry to hear that, that means that the front bearing seal has gone this commonly happens when the cars have not been run for quite some time. The pump will want rebuilding, kits are available from the usual suspects SJ and Lotusbits etc or you can send it off to be refurbished. They aren't available new AFAIK.

Good luck 

Regards Dan



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5 hours ago, EXCEL V8 said:

Yep - definitely the seal.  Easy to do yourself if you have access to a press.  Kits about £70.


@madmax if you get a kit and know how to rebuild then I'm based near Wakefield and have a press you're more than welcome to use. We can take some photos and do a bit of a "how to" to help others who want to do the rebuild in the future.

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Thanks for the offer but I’m feeling this is beyond me so may have to Farm it out to a specialist if I can find one. Perhaps have the HTD cambelt changed too at the same time. All sounds expensive but will give me some peace of mind

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