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How to connect a modern fuel line to do the tank pickup? - Engine & Ancilliaries/Gearbox - The Lotus Forums #ForTheOwners Jump to content

How to connect a modern fuel line to do the tank pickup?

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I'm starting down the road of replacing the original fuel line with more modern lines.  The modern lines have thicker walls (which require enlarging the pass-through holes in the chassis, I'm aware), but I'm wondering how to attach the new line to the fuel tank pickup?

It appears that the original line has a compression fitting - where the line passes through a threaded collar, that, when tightened, compresses the line around a "barb".  My new fuel hose has an OD that is too large to fit through that collar.

How have others solved this?  Ignore the collar and replace it with a clamp over the original barb? Use a small bit of old line, then a coupler with clamps on either side to connect the new line? Different banjo assembly for the tank? Some sort of adapter that replaces the threaded collar?


While I'm asking questions - I notice a bit of fuel weeping around the bajo bolt - not enough to cause a drip, but it's damp & I'm sure causing some fuel smell.  Any words of wisdom on sealing that?  I'm thinking Teflon tape on a fuel line isn't the smartest idea.


For the record, for all of the above I'm speaking about #32 in this image (under the tank):


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I haven't changed the fuel line before but in relation to the fuel weep at the banjo bolt, this should be cured by replacing the copper washers either side of the bolt.

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Have a look at Think Automotive's website for new banjo fittings to suit your new hose.  Great site - hundreds of adapters.

Edit - sorry Brian, forgot you're not in the UK.  You must have similar suppliers over there.


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All sorted. It was silly simple - I just didn't understand how it came together until I took it apart.

What I didn't realize is that the compression fit collar is an NPT fitting that can be replaced by anything else that has an NPT thread - so it was just a matter of getting an NPT barb.  One of the parts cars at our "race shop" already had the barb in its very-corroded tank. A couple new copper washers, a bit of a clean-up, & job done.

(To be honest, I'm not sure if it's actually NPT - I got the barb out of the same spot on the parts car, so I knew it was the correct thread)

old compression fitting on old hose:



Banjo assembly with new barb



Assembled & sealed, ready for new hose:



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