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I want to replace the ouput bearing shaft on my s1 Eclat. Ive taken off the old one and was going to order a replacement through SJ. However looking at it, the one Ive taken off looks a lot stronger than Steve's. (More ball bearings).

Is the original not available anymore? Does anyone know a supplier or will I have to go with the replacement from Steve? Cheers.

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I had this conversation with a bearing supplier last year.  He said the number of balls is not an indication of the strength of the bearing - you need to look at the spec.  Given SJ's propensity to cut corners on quality it's worth asking who is the manufacturer of the bearing.  Personally I would buy a bearing directly from a supplier like Simply Bearings - you can choose the quality yourself then.  Are you replacing the bearing on the shaft yourself - can you get the retaining collar hot enough?  I did mine using two mapp gas blowlamps and whipped it straight onto the press to ensure it was held in place while it cooled.


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Thanks for the input.

Had a look at the old one and there are no serial numbers on it. Completely blank. Im going to visit a couple of well established local bearing suppliers near me with the old one and see if I get any joy.

Im getting my engineering mate to swap the collar. He has done it before and has a press, so hopefully it will go ok. 👍

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