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Getting oil in the steering rack

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I had to replace a split boot on the rack and lost lots of oil.

I took the plate off the top and removed little poly button to refill.

I got some oil in but it then it seemed stop going in and I'm not sure its full.

Is there a knack to this and short of draining it again is there a way of checking its full? 

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I don't think you can refill it the way have tried. 

I had the rack off & emptied it then held it vertically & poured in the recommended amount, can't remember how much. You may as well give it an oil refresh while you're there :thumbup:



John W

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I had the same conundrum but just added wih rack on the car using a pump action oil can with the nozzle pushed between the new boot & the track rod before tightening the clip.   NB I recall not been able to find a specific quantity of oil, so just added what I felt was a reasonable amount.

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I use a large syringe, the sort vets use for horses etc. A piece of windscreen washer tube on the end which you can easily push into one of the boots, like Steve and his oil can, then squirt until it comes pouring out and you know it's full.


Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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