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old v young and advice etc

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so funny thing in that i love my learning / advice type books and you tube clips etc and way back i took it on board always always listen to older people, in saying that dont always agree but at least listen because you are learning from other peoples past mistakes !!! but now at a mere 53, and ive felt this for a bit, the younger ones (ie the clever ones with the 500k mortgages etc and the pcp deal) just dont listen at all !!! now thats fine if they know better but my argument comes back to "always listen". My neighbour was part of imperial tobaco and worked alongside cp during the jps years and i hang on his every word because he has been there and done that and well i can do better and know i should but the young uns ??     

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Experience is a very valuable thing, no one will live long enough to make all mistakes himself. 😉
So when older people want to share their experience, I agree you should always listen. Even if you don't always agree or decide to try things your own way. That is also important, otherwise there would be no progress and everything would remain the same. I tend to favor advice from those wizened by age over that of 'youngsters', unless the latter clearly know their stuff (IT being a good example).


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I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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